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Oh.. my.. goodness! SO MUCH HAPPENING! Explosion near Vatican yesterday..

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Military is the Only Way

Military is the Only Way

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Comey and Gang committed Treason
USC 2381

James Comey and Gang committed Treason!  
Not one reporter is talking Treason, but if this is the case, does Trump return back and get these swamp monsters charged with Treason??

OAN reported that Treason is punishable by death!  
Conviction of Treason occurs when 2 or more witnesses testify of such treason! 

WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE DANCHENCKO CASE??  2 Witnesses testified that the FBI Bribed two foreigners to set a trap for Trump!!!  This is TREASON!  

Q 4674 even mentions James Comey Treason 50 times! 


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Everything Woke is going up in Smoke!
Woke Male Born Transgender and Immigrants must register for the draft!

With Joe Biden escalating tensions in Eastern Europe, and the recent bombing of the Crimea Bridge, a bridge that is used to provide supplies to and from Russia and Crimea.  Putin calls this an act of terrorism while the government in Ukraine did not take responsibility of it, but celebrated the bombing!

Biden has been sending billions of dollars to Ukraine using America's taxpayer dollars.  Biden has been escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine and according to the American Military News, Biden's Administration will be requiring all males (including transgender and immigrant) to register for the military draft, should a war be imminent!   Yes, the woke transgender males to females must register!  

The woke parents are outraged!  Twitter replies to this news helps explain a lot of the mindset of the woke generation.  What is baffling is the outrage from the liberals and woke population because they don't care if the world goes to war; they tranformed their gender from male to female.  And now when reality hits them, they are revolting!  They are revolting against their own choices and decisions.  
Will this be enough for the liberals and woke people to insist that the illegitimate president, Joe Biden, gets impeached?  Will they wake up now?  Or will they continue on with their unicorn life thinking everything is hunky dorey, when in fact, Joe Biden is destroying America, it's economy, the hopes and dreams of the American people.  

Remember, Joe and his family have strong ties to Ukraine and even touted bribing the Ukrainian president, Poroshenko, using US tax payer dollars

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